EM1 Presentation

Applying Photoshop Filters to 3d Animation

This is a process of using Photoshop’s extensive filter gallery for on 3d animation frames. There is a variety of reasons why this may be a process to consider when animating. Photoshop has a more extensive filter gallery than what is offered as post processing techniques from most 3d modelling programs and from those available in After Effects. This process is great for short animations, concept art, and animation cycles for game development.

Don’t lose your head, it’s not that hard!

Step 1: Export 3d animation to frames

This tutorial will assume that you already have a 3d animation to work with. When exporting it, make sure that it’s exported into individual frames instead of an animation. This is good practice anyway, but it’s crucial for this method.

Step 2: Create the PS project

Create a new Photoshop project with the dimensions set to your exported frames’ size.

Step 3: Import your 3d frames

You can go through the importer, or just click and drag them into the project. I find it easiest to hide all layers at the beginning and work on just one.

Step 4: Create smart filters

Select the first frame and create a smart filter. Then, apply as many filters from the filter gallery as you see fit.

Step 5: Duplicate the smart filters

Once you have your desired filter stack, Alt-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac OS) to the next layer to copy the stack. This will need to be done manually for each layer!

Step 6: Export from Photoshop

When all layers have the filter applied to them, shift select all layers, then right click in the layers panel and click “quick export as PNG.” Choose a destination to save. This could also be done through the exporter, but this will work fine for most purposes. If you have a strong enough computer, you can also just use the dynamic link to import the photoshop file into Premiere.

Step 7: Import into NLE

Import your newly saved PNGs into your favorite NLE and set each frame’s length to one frame. Playback and export if you’re happy with the result! If any frames look strange you can go back into the photoshop file and fix them and re-export just that one frame.

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